Group Quilts

I am working with a small group of quilting friends on a series of group quilts. We’ll each take a turn using the others as quilting slaves. First up is Lisa! At QuiltCon she fell in love with the group quilt submitted by Krista Withers, ‘Define Circle for Me’. Lisa gave each of us three sets of fabric – two sets included Heather Ross fabrics – and instructions. We have to make three mono-chromatic blocks inspired by a circle. I’m actually ahead of schedule and have mine done and ready to hand over! Yay! From my least favorite to most, here they are….

Yellow Circle block for Lisa


Orange Circle block for Lisa

This packet included three Heather Ross charm squares. The one square of the gnome fabric had one gnome barely standing on the edge and another barely peeking in from the side! I wish I had taken a picture of it! I included as much of the gnomes as I could.

Lisa actually entrusted me with her revered fish fabrics! I feel so honored! I LOVE this block! I realize there is a large shadow in the corner of this photo! Oops!

I hope everyone else finishes up soon! I am excited to see how Lisa puts this quilt together. In the meantime …. I’m up next! I have my concept and I’ve started collecting fabric for it. I just have to write up guidelines and encourage everyone else to finish up Lisa’s blocks!