Home Visit

So, today I had my own version of the Project Runway Home Visit. Instead of Tim Gunn, the editor of the book that I am writing came over. And instead of cutting edge clothes, I showed quilts – which is a good thing because there is a reason I don’t make clothes! And instead of having lunch with the whole family, the two of us went out. So, maybe it was nothing like Project Runway, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get! The book is due out in February. Here’s a peek at the quilts.quilt stack negative space small

Meanwhile, I do have a quilt in the book: Classic Modern Quilts that is coming out in October. I am so happy to have my name between Adrianne Ove and Tammie Schaffer. Of course, if I had stuck with my maiden name, I’d be first – even after 24 years I’m still getting used to not being at the head of a list!modernblocks-cover1-fin (2)