QDS Challenge 2 – Final Details Part 1

Once the background was completed, I added the owls and the trees. Then rearranged everything many times! Then I thought it needed a little foliage. I didn’t want to add much because I didn’t want to detract from the background or the owls. This is the start.

Plain Foliage

Plain Foliage – Yawn!

I little boring, I thought. So, I added angelina fibers to highlight the leaves. I pulled apart the fibers and piled them on top of the leaves. Then I added snippets of the red areas of the challenge fabric.

Angelina piles

Angelina Piled Up

Covered it with the silicon pressing sheet and ironed it.

Pressed Angelina

Pressed Angelina

After that, I trimmed everything up. Angelina only adheres to itself, so I gently lifted the angelina and added little pieces of fusible web to adhere it to the fabric.

A few more details to go!


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