McCall’s Design Star 2012

So, one of my sisters suggested that I enter the McCall’s Design Star challenge a few months ago. I had a quilt that I could easily enter, so I thought “why not”. I uploaded the photo and entered the amateur category along with 140+ other quilters. This is the quilt that I entered.

Design Star Entry Quilt

Design Star Initial Entry Quilt

The entries were cut to 15. Those fifteen remaining quilters now have to make a quilt top based on the Amish Star block. The entries are due in a couple of days. I submitted mine last night … amazing! I am usually down to the wire on projects like this. Even if I finish early, I’m usually submitting it right before the deadline!  After I finished the top, I made the traditional Amish Star block using the fabrics that I used in the challenge piece. That way, when I show it people can see how the pieces translate from the traditional to the new design. This the my version of the traditional block.

Amish Star Block - Traditional

Traditional Amish Star Block



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