QDS Challenge 2 – Final Details Part 2

With the owls, tree, and foliage complete it was time for a final look at the top. I guess those owls are going to fall off of the branches without any feet. I was kind of ready to work with something other than fabric, so off to see what I had in fabric paint. I pulled out my Lumiere paints and added the talons.


An Owl with Talons

I also thought their beaks didn’t show up in the photo very well, so I darkened them with fabric ink. It’s kind of scary taking ink and paint to an almost complete quilt top when you’re under a deadline!!

I felt like the quilt needed some kind of border, but I really wanted the piecing to continue through the border. The obvious solution was to use a sheer fabric, in this case chiffon. I went with that because it wasn’t quite as sheer as the organza. If I had to do it again, I’d use organza … I’d like it to be a little more sheer. Then I added a small inside border using a light gray print.


Completed Challenge 2 Quilt

Completed Challenge 2 Quilt

All-in-all I’m pretty happy with the quilt and can hardly wait to have the time to quilt it! But now I’m working on the next challenge. It is a quilt with the theme “Opposites Attract”. I have a rough sketch and have started gathering fabric.



6 thoughts on “QDS Challenge 2 – Final Details Part 2

  1. I have really enjoyed reading about the process of your quilt. Love all the closeup photos!! Wish we could really see some of the other quilts too instead of just the little 2X2 photo!! Great idea on the black sheer fabric!! I acutally have my Opposites Attract concept and drawing finished too!!! Can’t wait to see all the many different ways it can be interpreted!!!

    • I agree. I’d love to see more details of the quilts in the competition. I didn’t even realize that yours had poms-poms until I read your write-up. I have my ‘Opposites Attract’ concept and sketch. I’ve started sewing, but it’s going very slowly with everything else going on around here! I am buzy all week with my guild’s speaker and workshops. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of sewing next week trying to catch up! Good Luck! Trisch

  2. Just thought I would stop by and say–hope all is going well with your challenge–I have to put the binding on and embellish today!! Being a farm wife and taken a bit of my time this round–harvest in the fields and animals on the farm–but I will finish–even if I don’t sleep tonight!!
    Can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!!

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