QuiltCon – Workshop

I took one all-day workshop while I was at QuiltCon – ‘Get Your Curve On’ with Sherri Lynn Wood. In the morning, we started by randomly cutting wedges and piecing them together. The first 30 minutes of sewing was in silence – which was great because my friend, Lisa, couldn’t complain about me putting my trash in her little bin! The morning was a breeze!


Working on composition


After moving things around too many times, I ended up with this.

I think I probably like the first layout better, but I kind of lost track and just went with what I had. I got it all pieced the day after I got home. Yes, it’s all pieced, no applique. Lisa had the idea to use Mirror Ball Dot fabric for the background. I’ll admit, I stole the idea. I really liked the dark background of the floor, so I went with black. I finished quilting and binding and it has taken up residence in my foyer. For the binding, I used the silver Mirror Ball Dot and a piece of orange silk. So, here it is…Thanks, Sherri!

All Quilted and Hanging up!

4 thoughts on “QuiltCon – Workshop

  1. wow! I can’t believe you already have it finished. It is beautiful. I was also in that class, but my pieces are still that, pieces. Seeing your finished work is inspiring me to work on mine, thanks.

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