McCall’s Design Star 2012 – The Quilt Top

My entry for the McCall’s Design Star competition is due by mid-night tonight. I actually sent mine in last week – miracles never cease. It’s has been really nice to enjoy these last few days knowing that I didn’t have to stress over a deadline. I need work ahead more often!

This is the sample of the Amish Star Block that I made after I finished the top. I did this to show how the block translates to the final design.

Amish Star Block

Amish Star Block

In making this quilt, I discovered just how dense the Shades of Grey fabric is. I used one to make the circle in the background of the quilt. I made the bias strip and realized it would be very difficult to make it conform to the shape I needed. Starch to the rescue! I just lightly sprayed the strip with starch and pressed it directly on my full scale pattern to get it to conform to the arc. It worked very well! I used the same method to shape the applique in the center of the quilt – it is also fabric from the Shades of Grey line.

This is also the first time I used a Frixion pen on a quilt top. I used it to transfer my design on to the background. Then I was easily able to place the applique pieces on; sew them down; and iron to remove the marking. I think I’m sold. I definitely try it again.

Voting begins Tuesday, June 19th. I’ll add a button to vote once the quilts are available for voting. In the meantime, here’s my entry.

Design Star - Challenge 1: "Solar Flare"

Design Star - Challenge 1: "Solar Flare"


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  1. Love how you made the gray fabric work for the outer circle! Looks like the same fabric is in the border as well. Love it! 🙂

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