Quick Tip Tuesday – Binding Auditions

Sometimes a print fabric is just the right choice for a binding. The problem is envisioning what that fabric is going to look like as a binding. Prints have lots of possibilities especially if it has a distinct pattern or repeat. Here is how I look at my options!

I took a scrap piece of chipboard – any sturdy, heavyweight paper will do, or just  a piece of paper in a pinch! I like the chipboard because I can use it over and over and it’s not apt to end up in the recycling bin by mistake! I cut a piece about 6″ x 15″. Then I cut out a slot a little less than 3/8″ the length of the board leaving about 1″ on each end. I chose this width because my binding ends up a little over 1/4″ on the front and you can always see the rolled edge. The best tool I have found for cutting chipboard: a rotary cutter with a blade that is reserved for paper – or a blade that you are ready to throw out.


I lay out the fabric that I am auditioning and move my window around varying the angles to see what I can find.

This Kaffe Fassett print would add plenty of color to a binding and would hide the seams well.


binding kaffe

There aren’t a whole lot of variations with this fabric. However, it would add some interest to a binding without adding much color.


binding rings


Of course, stripes are versatile – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. This stripe is unique because it has an ombre effect and would add a lot of character to the right quilt.binding stripes


These trees act a lot like a stripe – but you wouldn’t have to worry about matching it up!binding trees


This herringbone has a lot of possibilities – careful cutting is the key. Chevrons work in a similar fashion.

binding herringbone


These diamonds are a lot of fun!

binding diamonds


If you want a specific pattern – like in the diamond – you can use chalk to mark the edge that you want closest to the quilt. Then cut 1/4″ from the edge. Then cut it to the width that you prefer.


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