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I am so happy to have been asked to join in on the blog tour for Optical Illusions! This is a beautiful book, I could spend plenty of time just looking at the pictures – but knowing the designers at Kansas City Star, that doesn’t surprise me! Other than the gorgeous photographs, I like that this book is pretty representative of what I see in Modern Quilting today – a wide range of modern-traditionalism to an all-out Modern aesthetic. But all of the quilts follow my definition of Modern design – simple lines with a strong design.

op illusionsOn the more modern-traditionalism end of the spectrum there are the block-based quilts. Melissa Corry‘s Old Dutch is reminiscent of a traditional windmill block which any quilter would love. Tia Curtis‘ Tropical Storm reminds me of an Ocean Waves block. I love that she added a few surprises in the quilt – if only I could stand to make that many half-square triangles! Then there is Jessica Toye‘s Water Ripples, a modern take on a snowball block. I love her well-planned color placement.

CurtisTropical Storm by Tia Curtis

Moving further into the modern spectrum, there is Katie Larson‘s Curvilinear with its strong lines and very modern appeal kind of reminds me of a Storm at Sea quilt in the way that it moves and fools your eye into seeing circles. Karen Hansen‘s Surfs Up brings to mind a Drunkard’s Path – updated in both the approach and setting.

LarsonCurvilinear by Katie Larson

Next we move to the quilts that remind me of classic Victor Vasarely art work. There is the very Op-Art inspired Blurred Vision by Penny Layman. 3-D Diamonds by Jenifer Dick is very modern in its simple, bold lines – but not a simple design. Then there is Mary Kay Fosnacht‘s Tangerine Tumbler – I love her layout and modern take on the classic Tumbling Block.

3d diamonds3-D Diamonds by Jenifer Dick

The last quilt on this spectrum – in my opinion – is Jamie David‘s Aura. Inspired by the Modern artist Josef Alber, it has a very modern appeal.

DavidAura by Jamie David

It think this book will appeal to a wide range of quilters – from traditional to someone wanting to add a little modern influence to their quilts to someone who has a very modern aesthetic and is looking for a little inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration! I have a giveaway to take care of! I am giving away a Kona Color Card. I have my own card sitting next to me for another project that I’m working on. I find that card to be invaluable! It’s great to have access to a library of colors that are actually rendered in fabric. Just leave a comment about how you get your inspiration and I’ll randomly choose a winner at the end of the tour!

kona card

Jenifer Dick is also blogging about this book today … and has a different giveaway! The rest of the tour finishes up tomorrow:

Jenifer Dick,

Nov. 14 Jessica Toye,
Jacquie Gering,
Shea Henderson,

Thanks for stopping by!

32 thoughts on “Blog Tour and a Giveaway!

  1. I get my inspiration from looking at blogs and websites as well as from books. This book looks to be a wonderful source! Thanks for the chance to win the color card!

  2. Thanks for the review – it’s nice to read an assessment of the book from someone who is not immediately involved.

    And thanks for the giveaway too!

  3. This looks like a great book! I get inspiration from many places — books, magazines, blogs, nature, fabric. If I just had time to channel all the inspiration into actual projects! I would so love to have a color card! I don’t have many places locally to actually see many Kona colors.

    Apologies if this is a duplicate comment. I tried earlier and it didn’t seem to work.

  4. Hi Trisch, I get my inspiration from bloggers many times over. Your energy is contagious:) Thank you for introducing Op Art, it’s powerful.
    The opportunity for a Kona color card is fantastic. Thanks for the chance.
    P.S. I did win the Optical Illusions book on the first day of this blog tour so if I’m not eligible for the Kona color card I Understand.

  5. I get a lot of my color inspiration from nature. My designs often from traditional quilts, blocks and pattens. Would love a color card to see the color possibilities and availability when working on a project. Thanks for the review and the chance to win.

  6. HI, some of my inspiration comes from books, but most from other neat quilters! Thanks for sharing a great giveaway (always wanted a Kona Color Card) !

  7. I love the Optical Illusions Hop. It’s so interesting to visit everyone’s blog and read about projects that they are working on. I mostly get my inspiration from nature.

  8. Between IG, Pinterest, and IG-bloggers like you, I am usually on inspiration overload! Mostly the inspiration makes me frustrated that I can’t accomplish more! Thanks for the chance to win your nice giveaway.

  9. Often the inspiration for the quilt is the person for whom it is intended. That can cause me to make quilts unlike those I would make for myself, which is fun.

  10. I get inspiration from so many places, but mostly from the people who are the eventual recipients of my finished quilts.

  11. I would love to have a kona card. It would make it easier to embrace using just solids. I love to look at them, but scared to do them.

  12. I’m learning more and more to find inspiration in the natural world around me. For example, this week a snowstorm with bent birches, tracks in the snow, peace and quiet in the long days and nights without power.

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