QDS Challenge 2 – Making The Owls


The design of the owls was completely dependent upon the challenge fabric. Off to the printer to copy the circles that I wanted to use onto paper. These are my original drawings for the owls.

Original Owl Designs

Although I love hand applique, there just wasn’t time for that! So, I went with my favorite fusible – Steam a Seam. After many years of reversing the design and tracing it on to the paper side of fusible, I wised up a while ago and now trace it directly to the fusible … that way I don’t have to reverse the pattern. Another bonus is that the design is on the fusible. So, once I have it ironed to the fabric I can peel off the paper and the image is left behind. No need to find the paper scissors! The only time I use the paper method is if I am using a dark fabric … then I need the paper so I can see the outline.

First Layer

These owls are a little bland. So I cut out a bunch of 1/2″ circles from the challenge fabric to dress them up. I happened upon a Sizzix PaddlePunch years ago and bought it just in case I ever would need such a thing. It pretty much a handheld diecut. I position it over the circle I want to cut, take a hammer to it, and voila … a little circle. It works best if the paper is still on the fusible. I have managed to use this on three projects to date!


Sizzix Paddle Punch

Here are some of the tiny circles.

Punched Circles

Here are the scraps!

Fabric Scraps – after using the paddle punch

And, finally, the owls all dressed up!

All Dressed Up

End the end, I thought the beaks didn’t photograph well. Since this contest is all about the photograph, I used ink to darken the beaks – but that didn’t happen until the quilt top was completed.

Coming up … designing the quilt top.



One thought on “QDS Challenge 2 – Making The Owls

  1. Oh how cool–I wondered how you cut out all those little motifs!!! They really dress up the owls. The circles were the motifs that spoke the loudest to me also!! I had planned to fussy cut them and put them in the turquiose centers–but changed my mind.
    I didn’t know you had a blog–so thank you to whomever posted in your comment section!! I am getting the itch to design something again–let’s hope we can!!!
    The “night” sections are neat–escpecially like the bold floral print by the middle owl that looks like a spiderweb. This one should be really fun to quilt and add that final touch of dimension to breath life into the quilt.
    Keep designing–Terri

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