QDS Challenge 2 – Starting The Quilt


My goal was to get the owls completed before going on family vacation! With the owls completed and home from vacation, it was time to get started on the quilt top. I taped a piece of paper larger than I wanted the final top to the wall. Taped on my owl sketches, drew the lines for the changes in light, and drew the tree. Here is a picture, but I don’t know how well you can see the sketching.

Line Drawing of the Quilt

Next, I traced the large sections of the background where the light changes and cut them out. I knew would have to paper piece the background. I pulled a lot of blue to purple fabrics from my stash – many of them older than I care to admit! Divided them into two piles of light and dark. Then started randomly piecing them on the paper.

Paper Piecing the Background

Once I had all the background pieces done, I laid out the owls just to see how they looked. One thing I learned while sewing these very large, paper-backed sections together: I can sew standing up! That really made it a lot easier.

Pieced Background


to be continued …


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