Lectures and Workshops

Please contact me at trisch@hadleystreetquilts.com for further information, rates and availability. The following details my current lectures and workshops. I am happy to work with you on custom classes.


Making the Most of Negative Space
Are you trying to figure out what negative space is other than lots of fabric that needs to be quilted? This lecture will define what negative space is and give you ideas on how to utilize negative space in your quilts thru piecing. Six different methods for applying negative space will be presented. Many quilts are shown to demonstrate each of the techniques.

Tree of Life Quilts
This lecture begins with the exploration of many interpretations of Tree of Life quilts from historical to traditional to contemporary to art. We will talk about designing quilts in a series. Many examples of more modern interpretations of tree of life quilts are shown along with how to take a design and use it as a basis to move in a different direction.

Postcards from Home
When my kids are away from home for any length of time, I make and send them postcards. The postcards are designed to document what they are doing and to let them know that I am thinking of them. They treasure these small gifts. See how I come up with the ideas and how I bring them to life. I have LOTS of examples, tips, and advice on materials. This lecture concludes with a demonstration of making a fabric postcard. See examples in the Gallery under Postcards.


Shattered 9-Patch (all day)
Learn a new method to make quick work of improvisational piecing. You will also learn how to control shading to create an effective quilt. You can make the pictured table runner or choose from available patterns.20160226_133745




Circles and Sticks (all day)
circles and sticks
You will make a large pillow cover or start a quilt while learning how to use interruptive negative space. You will learn insertion and bias tape techniques. You will learn how to insert any size strip and maintain the integrity of crossing lines. You will learn how to make bias tape of any size using three different techniques and how to control bias tape.



Petrified Wood (all day)
Petrified_3You will begin working to compose the Petrified Wood quilt. You will learn how to: utilize gradations for effective shadowing; freeform cut the circles used in the quilt; finish edges and machine appliqué. You will then start the machine quilting and learn how to construct the final quilt.




Postcards from Home (1/2 day or all day)
postcardsLearn how to make mail-able fabric postcard to send to your friends and family. We will discuss how to get unique ideas and finalize designs. Explore a vast array of materials and how to make them stitch-able and mail-able.



All About Improv – Applique and Piecing (all day)

20160310_084138-1Learn how to create turned-edge appliqué using improvisational techniques. Learn several techniques accomplish improv piecing while creating this fast, fun and colorful quilt.





Designing with a Negative Form (all day)
This is a design workshop. Each person will bring their own idea for a Neg Form 1negative form (I will provide standard forms as well). You will work on several ways to design around the form. Each person will leave with a one-of-a-kind completed design for their own quilt and ideas on hNeg Form 2ow to execute it.








Web of Life Quilt (all day)
Use selvages or fabric to make spider webs. Then learn to integrate them into the Web of Life quilt. You will also learn how to effectively cut and piece hexagons using traditional tools and techniques.